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NHLBI: Teaching Multi-cultural Practice

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University of Rochester

Patient-Physician Goal: Reducing Disparities


Cheryl Kodjo, MD, MPHCheryl Kodjo, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor
Principal Investigator
University of Rochester





  • The review article in Pediatrics in Review has a high impact value amongst practicing pediatricians and pediatricians-in-training. Hopefully this article will influence practice, stimulate dialogue, and be the first of many articles regarding cultural competence in this journal. Reference: Kodjo C. Cultural Competence in Clinician Communication. Pediatrics in Review 30 (2): 57-64. February 2009.
  • The chapter in the AAP Textbook of Adolescent Health will have high impact amongst health providers who take care of adolescents. Hopefully the chapter will also have an impact across disciplines such as psychology, social work, nursing, nutrition, etc. In press: Kodjo CM and Castle K. Cultural Consideration in Adolescent Health Care. AAP Textbook of Adolescent Health.




  • NCME @ Health Literach Annual Research Conference
    • Two workshops on cultural competency and MedEdPORTAL
    • October 17-18, 2011, Chicago, IL
  • RWJ National Health Plan Collaborative Toolkit
    • This toolkit has resources, lessons, best practices and case studies to assist health plans reduce disparities.
  • AHRQ Health Literacy Toolkit
    • The toolkit can help your practice and communicate with patients.
  • Stopping Discrimination Before it Starts: The Impact of Civil Rights Laws on Healthcare Disparities
  • Curricular Products from the National Consortium for Multicultural Education for Health Professionals
  • Conferences:
    • AAMC annual meeting 2010
      • November 5-10, Washington, DC
    • APHA annual meeting 2010
      • November 6-10, Denver, CO