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NHLBI: Teaching Multi-cultural Practice

About Us

National Consortium for Multicultural Education

The Consortium is a group of medical educators awarded grants by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, to develop curricula to address health disparities through medical education. Specifically, the main goal of this initiative is to increase the overall knowledge and skills of medical students, house staff, and other professionals, including practicing physicians on the ethnic, cultural, religious, socioeconomic, linguistic and other factors that contribute to health disparities, and on culturally competent approaches to mitigating these disparities.

Map of Awardee Institutions:


Clarence Braddock Stanford University
Coordinating Center
Clarence Braddock III, MD, MPH

Integrative Immersive Approaches to Cultural Competence
David Acosta University of Washington
Coordinating Center
David Acosta, MD
Center for Cultural Proficiency in Medical Education (CC-PriME)
Paul Haidet Baylor College of Medicine
Coordinating Center
Paul Haidet, MD, MPH
Promoting Physicians' Cultural Competence Through Reflective Practice
Desiree Lie University of California, Irvine
Desiree Lie, MD, MSEd
Cultural Competency Training in Latino Health
Art Gomez University of California, Los Angeles
Art Gomez, MD
Linking Health Disparities Research to Medical Education
Simon Williams Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Lynn Bickley, MD
Bridging the Gap: A Patient-Centered Curriculum for Cultural Competence
Kofi Kondwani Morehouse College
Kofi Kondwani, PhD
A Longitudinal CRASH-Course in Cultural Competence
Carlos Estrada University of Alabama, Birmingham
Carlos Estrada, MD, MS
Improving Cultural Competency: An Online-Based Curriculum
Sonia Crandall Wake Forest University
Sonia Crandall, PhD, MS
Advancing Cultural Competence Education and Training
Chris DeGannes Howard University
Chris DeGannes, MD
Project for Teaching Cultural Competence in Healthcare

Olivia Carter-Pokras University of Maryland College Park School of Public Health
Olivia Carter-Pokras, PhD, MHS
Marylandís Approach to Cultural Competency in Healthcare

Gail Morrison University of Pennsylvania
Gail Morrison, MD, FACP
Cultural Competence-Health Disparities Training Program
Ana Nunez Drexel University
Ana Nunez, MD
Culture Matters: Innovative Strategies for Quality Care
Elizabeth Lee-Rey Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Elizabeth Lee-Rey, MD, MPH
Reducing Health Inequities through Medical Education - A Longitudinal Curriculum in Cultural Competency and Health Disparities
Cheryl Kodjo University of Rochester
Cheryl Kodjo, MD, MPH
Patient-Physician Goal: Reducing Disparities
Kim Griswold State University New York, Buffalo
Kim Griswold, MD
Medical Training in Diversity: Disparity Across Cultures
Jorge Girotti University of Illinois, Chicago
Jorge Girotti, PhD
Medical Education for Cultural Competence
Susan Glick University of Chicago
Susan Glick, MD
Cultural Competence Training for Resident Physicians


  • NCME @ Health Literach Annual Research Conference
    • Two workshops on cultural competency and MedEdPORTAL
    • October 17-18, 2011, Chicago, IL
  • RWJ National Health Plan Collaborative Toolkit
    • This toolkit has resources, lessons, best practices and case studies to assist health plans reduce disparities.
  • AHRQ Health Literacy Toolkit
    • The toolkit can help your practice and communicate with patients.
  • Stopping Discrimination Before it Starts: The Impact of Civil Rights Laws on Healthcare Disparities
  • Curricular Products from the National Consortium for Multicultural Education for Health Professionals
  • Conferences:
    • AAMC annual meeting 2010
      • November 5-10, Washington, DC
    • APHA annual meeting 2010
      • November 6-10, Denver, CO